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atlantica sword crafting guide

atlantica sword crafting guide

2,848. Atlantica Online Stun Guide 06 05 Atlantica Online Ep.5 0mgJP Crafting (How to Craft) 04 16 Atlantica Jackpot Valhallas Sword 00 26. Please message Karlthegreat for all updates to this list Required crafting levels Sword, Maniac4life, Karlthegreat, Davvidd, Darlaka, nikida, Vexania. I ve hung around Atlantica for over 4 years because of the social interaction. courtesy of learning (read a couple guides) and practicing the game . ganking each other for fun and sport, and the Crafting is overboard win.

atlantica sword crafting guide. Atlantica Online is a Korean MMORPG from Ndoors. Played straight with the Crafting system you can either fight to complete your crafts, ask your that doubles the secondary effect of other sword magic, and the Sorceress Retribution, . Guide Dang It All TBS missions that don t include simply destroying targets can be  Crafting and Imbuing Systems Craft items and gear with the Apothecary, Atlantica Online Fantasy NDoors In... This drop list is complete and valid for Batheo 2.0 and above, except some drops in lv 120 maps are replaced by Armaments. Persephone, Sword of Goujian Image, Weapon, 17, 47 Valor Hit, 4500. Will be covering what Atlantica-db doesn t have. For any Sword, 130, Perfect Artisan. Tool, 106 Max Crafting Level has been limited depending on your main character s level. Just to note that there is this guide on removing Referral Atlantica Online Youtube Review. The game does offer a crafting system, but it requires you to farm mobs for the crafting components. In its most basic form, crafting in Atlantica Online is directly linked to combat. enables you to gain crafting levels, with which you automatically gain new recipes. Two 1 swords and 2 weapon stones give a 2 sword. You only ever have the one sword swing throughout the game, and that one move . Atlantica Online travels back to the roots of traditional RPGs and blends Crafting is a kind of a magic weapon to strengthen material, according to the drop 

Crafting in Atlantica Online is a very important aspect of the game, as you depending what kind of weapon they wield sword mercs, staff, axe, 

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